Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Swonderful lovelyness

We got the most marvellous package today! Lovely Liv has sent us some treasures that we had favourited on Etsy because we made her a frock to wear for her graduation. Thanks so much Liv! They are amazing! It's so cool to see such delights in the flesh & just makes me want to shop on Etsy so much more! The faux log (We heart faux!) is by My Imaginary Boyfriend, it came with the best packaging! The crochet Clementine is by Eternal Sunshine. It is so cute! I have arranged both next to my desk so I can absorb some creative goodness from them. Also in this package of joy were these cute little owl salt & pepper shakers, I collect s & p shakers & these are the perfect addition to my set! Twoot!!
On another note, we purchased our first album off Itunes today too & I recommend it, (buying off Itunes & the album!) I thought it might be dissatisfying not having the actual physical object to hold in my hot little hands, which might have been the case if the album wasn't so great or if we didn't listen to all our music through the mac.
Anyways go and get yourselves She & Him - Volume One. She & Him is M. Ward & Zooey Deshanel. Zooey is one of those rare celebrities who is actually cool! & she can sing! Aaaand she has great style, this photo makes me wish I had curly hair.


auntiepeachvintage said...

I love She & Him, they are so cute! My favourites are "Why don't you let me stay here" and "Black hole", where she talks about being alone on a bicycle for two, AWW!

Swonderful said...

"Alone on a bicycle for two" - it just paints the perfect image in your head huh? I loooove "I was made for you" it's like the ultimate prom song, it makes me wanna get all dolled up & go dancing :) x