Thursday, 18 December 2008


The Tawa awards are tonight! We're looking forward to getting dolled up & downing a few cocktails! And of course we're excited to see if we're are officially the best clothing retailer in Wellington. As Murray would say- Imagine that!

We feel pretty lucky to be in the company of some great stores-
Ziggurat, Madame Fancy Pants and Mandatory & we'll be happy whoever wins, what an honour!

Meanwhile- here are some more snaps of our lovely wares:

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A Swonderful Christmas

Here's some more special goodies we have in the shop...

Pretty Hokey rose rings... these are just so so lovely $28.00

Hungry Girls Cookbooks, a beautiful gift. $39.00

Cheek Pinchy Collage brooches- $15- $30.00

Cute necklaces and earrings by lovely local lass Natelle (Prices vary)

Hokey handmade hair slides. So cute! $18.00

Stay tuned for more gifty goodness! X

Monday, 15 December 2008

In store now...

Super cute Bon Voyage & the new crabbie swellington totes!
Both come in tees & the swell design is available in singlets too. Perfect for summer.
The natural unbleached cotton totes are just $18.00 each, a nice wee gift perhaps?

Oh & can you spot the anchor I managed to work into the crab design...? X

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Miss Dior Cherie

Have you seen the Miss Dior Cherie perfume advert directed by Sophia Coppola?
Luckily here it is! Enjoy. X

PS- Votey votey vote vote.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


We have been nominated for top clothing store by the Wellingtonista! Go vote for us here, (and pass it on to all your friends, we wanna win this!!) X

Monday, 1 December 2008


I'm so pleased to announce the arrival of The Hungry Girl's Cookbooks in store, both volumes one & two. These are the most beautiful books I've ever come across, seriously! Each book is handmade with a cute cloth spine, sweet illustrations & fantastic photographs. I think it is often underestimated just how important it is for recipe books to have photos of all the recipes. The hungry girls have done a wonderful job of this, all the photographs are so inspiring, just a flick through the book makes me want to cook! (& rhyme!)

A little but about the hungry gals- The Hungry Girls' Cookbooks are more like works of art than regular recipe books. Each edition is lined with cloth and hand-sewn, and inside you’ll find exciting dishes for the home cook. A crisp green bean, breadcrumb and pistachio salad, a soba noodle soup for a simple and satisfying weeknight meal, a delicious lemon poppy seed cake, and plenty more. These unique books are the work of three friends – Rachel Pitts, Leah Holscher and Katherine Bird – who have combined their love of food to create the recipes, photography and illustrations.

Pop in for a squiz! X

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