Tuesday, 25 August 2009


We have a new mural!! Our outside wall was looking very lack luster after some meanie tore down our paste up :( But some very clever locals have filled it up once again with magical goodness. We've got monsters vomiting rainbows, cute doggish creatures & a pretty girl on a bike. We LOVE it! Thanks ever so much to BMD, DRYPNZ & Ragdoll. X

Monday, 17 August 2009

(Not so) Dirty Mongrels...

Fourfontaine have contacted us & wish to rectify the situation by pulling the top & have offered to pay us for units made. They said they outsource most of their designs which unfortunately can result in situations like this. They didn't know this design was ripped off until now. My goal with this post was just for people to know, & it worked! Kudos Fourfontaine & thanks to all our supporters, it really means a lot :)

On Friday night while having dinner with a friend who is also a designer, we were discussing copyright and how there seems to be many fashion houses etc with very similar designs.
The next day I was looking at the Fourfontaine website I discovered they've ripped us off! I am still in a state of shock, this plagiarism makes me feel absolutely sick to my stomach. Seriously, can't they get their own ideas? & did they really think no one would notice in a country as small as ours? The worst part of it is, it makes me like our logo less, it has tainted it for me :(

The Fourfontaine top-

Our business card-
Our shop windows-
Our website-
A repeat I designed for the blog background a while back-

You can read more on plagiarism at-
Book by it's cover
You thought we wouldn't notice

Monday, 10 August 2009