Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Friends not food

"There are some 800 million people in the world with barely enough to eat, yet 80% of the world’s agricultural land is used for feeding animals and only 20% for feeding humans directly. It takes approximately 80lbs of vegetable protein to produce 1lb of animal protein."

October 1st is world vegetarian day, celebrate with a vege feast! That's what we'll be doing, head to vegweb.com for recipes & inspiring photos. X

PS. The move is going well! I'll be posting some progress pictures soon.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

It's pronounced "Squirl"

I saw these beauts on the Hokey blog last night & asked my boyf ever so nicely if I could borrow his credit card. Lucky me! I collect salt & pepper shakers, some of which can be seen in the shop, and these are just too cute! I know they will take pride of place in my collection.

I think the lack of creatures like squirrels & raccoons in New Zealand is what makes them both so darn appealing, won't someone please (accidentally) introduce them?

There's plenty more treasures like my squirrels to be found at bliss Vintage. X

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Graduate

As we're moving (next week!) we are a little reluctant to put out all of our gorgeous new summer stock, but we thought we'd better indulge you all with some teaser pieces...

At the top is the lovely Graduation dress in buttercup seersucker, it's so beautiful on, the skirt is so full you don't need your crinoline with this little number! The Graduation dress design came about earlier this year when our good friend Liv had nothing to wear to (you guessed it) her graduation, so with two days to spare we whipped up a frock for her- this was out of a chiffon & of course she looked lovely.

The new breed of grad dresses is quite a different garment as the texture of the seersucker is really something special. We have rich chocolate brown grad dresses in the pipe lines too! (eeew that sounds gross! they are actually hiding out back until we move).

The seaside top & cafe skirt in navy are two of my favourites this season. As you know I'm all about nautical things right now & this is the perfect summer ensemble! The cafe is a great high waisted skirt with cute ties that can be worn around the front or tied in a bow at the back,
the cafe has been really popular so we thought we'd update the colours & this navy is classic.
The seaside top is made from a lovely smooth crisp cotton & works tucked in or loose.

A summer look book is on it's way, our official photographer (erm... me) has booked studio time for this Saturday & our stylist (erm... me again) went hunting for shoes & props yesterday, so wish me luck!

Saturday is also our last day of trading in Brooklyn :( Hopefully the shoot doesn't take all day, so I can spend some time in the shop on it's last day as a brooklynite. We'll miss Brooklyn! X

Monday, 22 September 2008


I have come across amazing Swedish designer Bea Szenfeld on a couple of blogs recently & I just knew I had to share. What is it about being Swedish that makes everything they create so damn cool? I love the pairing of cute details (like peter pan collars & pom poms) with more masculine tailoring. The simple colour pallet and immaculate styling is just perfect. I'm in love!

Have a look at the collection archives for more inspiring photographs & styling.

The infinite coolness of Sweds reminds me of the fantastic film by genius Michel Gondry Be Kind Rewind. When Jack Black & Mos Def remake the movies (ie- make them cooler) they are "Sweded". I wish I could be Sweded. X

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Good news!

WE'RE MOVING!! We will be closed from the 27th of September & will re-open at our lovely new shop on 11th October, at 95 Victoria Street Wellington City. Eeek!! There's so much to do! Wish us luck X

it's a heartache

Man, I am so over fashion week already! I even had a very odd dream about having to sleep over at one of the shows with a designer I won't name... very very odd. That's not to say I won't be checking out all the collection pics still though...

London fashion week however is looking very fabulous & it's so nice to see summer frocks (who wants to think about winter right now? It's cold & grey enough in Wellington today...)

I love these outfits from the lovely Luella...

And these nautical numbers from Eley Kishimoto are rocking my socks/ tights off...

Look at the tights! drool... X

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Good news!

Due to demand (um.. ours) we have decided to extend our sale until this Saturday, there are more reductions- some real steals if I do say so myself, so hop on in for a bargain! Choice! X

Monday, 8 September 2008

Waiting for the sun...

I forgot to mention with all my darn sickness that- Jo from the lovely blog The Design Alphabet was kind enough to interview me & post it on her blog!
It's such a great blog too, an amazing resource for all things design related. Have look!

Right now I wish it was sunny & that I was wearing this:

(image from the cherry blossom girl)

& eating this:

(Lemony chickpea stirfry from here.)

with something like a pulm daquiri to wash it down. Bring on Summer! X

Happy Birthday Olivia!

This post goes out to Lovely Liv! (owl maker extraordinaire) I'm gutted I missed her soiree on Saturday, this girl made what are possibly the coolest invites I've ever seen, featuring wood grain (you can't beat it) & on the inside is a calendar with the birthdays of all her guests marked. Way to make people feel included! She still looks the same as this too, just a wee bit bigger! Happy Birthday Olivia!! X

I'm a little teapot...

Well I am finally getting over the worst flu of my life! I no longer need frequent naps & my eyeballs are aching no more, phew! Before my dilapidating sickness kicked in last Sunday I visited my hometown Auckland where was lucky to meet Elliot at the Endemic world headquarters. Elliot (& family) Have got a great business going & it's great to see so many talented NZ designers getting the support they need.

We're proud to announce that Papercup jewellery is now available through Endemic. Yay! So if you're not in Welly but have seen something you'd like, Endemic is the place for you. Also available are great new onsies by our favourite Flox! We loooove the owl. (Twoot!) We have them in store as well fyi. X