Monday, 8 September 2008

I'm a little teapot...

Well I am finally getting over the worst flu of my life! I no longer need frequent naps & my eyeballs are aching no more, phew! Before my dilapidating sickness kicked in last Sunday I visited my hometown Auckland where was lucky to meet Elliot at the Endemic world headquarters. Elliot (& family) Have got a great business going & it's great to see so many talented NZ designers getting the support they need.

We're proud to announce that Papercup jewellery is now available through Endemic. Yay! So if you're not in Welly but have seen something you'd like, Endemic is the place for you. Also available are great new onsies by our favourite Flox! We loooove the owl. (Twoot!) We have them in store as well fyi. X

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