Friday, 26 September 2008

Bon Voyage!


little ruby and the sea said...

Hi Ginny, Liv told me the shop was closing and then reopening in a couple of weeks... I'm going to wellington next weekend for the WOW awards and thought I would pop in to have a little look at swonderful but its worked out to be the only weekend your closed!...bit of a bummer! but Good luck with the opening of the new store! x Alex

Swonderful said...

We're so sorry Alex! Maybe, maybe we might have something happening for you to look at, but most likely both shops will just be a crazy mess at that stage. I will let you know!
I can give you some advice on other great shops to visit though X Gin

little ruby and the sea said...

hehe no worries. Liv and I are planning another trip down soon anyway :) then you can take us on a little tour :) x Alex

auntiepeachvintage said...

I came to your store on the last day and it was awesome! I'm wearing my


YO! jersey right now, and I love my two new t shirts; Ginny's mum is a legend! See you at the new store next time!

Swonderful said...

Sorry I missed you Hannah, our photo shoot took longer than expected... Glad your repping! & yup, my Mom's sure is ace! X