Monday, 22 September 2008


I have come across amazing Swedish designer Bea Szenfeld on a couple of blogs recently & I just knew I had to share. What is it about being Swedish that makes everything they create so damn cool? I love the pairing of cute details (like peter pan collars & pom poms) with more masculine tailoring. The simple colour pallet and immaculate styling is just perfect. I'm in love!

Have a look at the collection archives for more inspiring photographs & styling.

The infinite coolness of Sweds reminds me of the fantastic film by genius Michel Gondry Be Kind Rewind. When Jack Black & Mos Def remake the movies (ie- make them cooler) they are "Sweded". I wish I could be Sweded. X


Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts said...

did you just get warhammer spam on your blog?! hehehe that is too awesome gin xx Love those clothes! I really wanted to see Be Kind Rewind in the film festival too but missed it. :(

Swonderful said...

omg, what the hell?
Oh it's on Dvd now doll, you have to see it! X