Monday, 31 March 2008

Craft 2.0

Well, this post is a little late, but better than never!
On Easter weekend I was super lucky (as a last minute addition) to be part of the craft 2.0 fair at the New Dowse. It was such a great day, our (& Liv's) jewellery did particularly well & it was so great to see so many other crafty folk (& know that they exist!)
There was so much stuff I wanted to buy & many more things that inspired me to get even more crafty. I bought a cute little slice of cake pin cushion for Liv who loses her needles. (Maybe she could post a picture on her fancy new blog? ;P ) The cake came from Sarah who had the table next to me with Nibbles.
I also purchased a beautiful peachy bag that resembles a bridesmaid's dress (in a good way) I've had a penchant for peachy & coral coloured things for a while now & couldn't resist this! I picked up a really cute mini crochet babushka from the same stall which I have just found on felt, the maker goes under the name of Shirley. I attached my little doll to a chain, she loves hanging out with me & looks so cute!
It turned out to be a really great day even though I was quite hungover & I'll definitely be signing up for the next Craft 2.0.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Oh you pretty things!

We have some beautiful new things in store this week! We are pleased to have some lovely silk screened prints from Australian designer & illustrator Brooke Bobridge.

Brooke is originally from Perth, but has been based in Melbourne for sometime before recently relocating to Bangkok. She has exhibited internationally & her cute illustrations have been featured in Curvy as well as numerous other publications.

The prints look so perfect in Swonderful! We will be reluctant to sell them, but whoever snaps these pieces up will be making a great investment in some beautifully produced art.


Thursday, 27 March 2008

More gocco

Just had to share some more pics of my first run... x

Loco for Gocco!

We've got lots of super great things to blog about this week, but I'm going to start with our new beautiful Gocco. It's the most fantastic piece of design ever, it really is.

Basically a Gocco is a miniature screen printing press, the whole process is done using one little (& cute!) machine, no chemicals are involved & you don't need much space or a light tight room.
I was amazed at how easy it is! I was preparing myself for the worst & reminding myself that practise makes perfect, but with the Gocco, you don't even need practise!
For more on Gocco read this, or search gocco on flickr.

We bought our gocco from A Little Goodness on Etsy. She was kind enough to create a custom listing for us & included some cute Japanese sweets & little paper bags in our package.
Thank you!

I tested it our for the first time today & I'm pretty thrilled with the results! I can't wait to Gocco everything... Wake me up before I Gocco!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Exciting & new...

Hey hey hey!
We are very excited to be celebrating our 6 month anniversary! Yessir, we have been Swonderfuling for 6 months. We've still got a lot to learn, but it's all fun.
Here are some snaps of our new range from our label papercup, the range is called Hum Drum Hey Day, this is not the complete range yet, we have tees coming this week & bomber jackets on the way too! Plus we'll no doubt be adding bits & pieces all the time. We hope you like what we're doing!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Sneak Peak!

Here is a sneak peak at the new jewellery line I'm working on, it'll be in the shop next week!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


As I posted earlier, we were proud to be a part of the infamous Craftwerk indie craft fair, last month in Auckland. Our lovely friend Olivia (who makes the cute owl necklaces you may have seen in store) took care of the stall, which had some of our papercup goodies as well as her cute little owlies. Here's a pic from the crafty ladies at Anemone & some from Liv's personal collection!

Friday, 7 March 2008

Can you dig it?

Two artists I'm really digging at the moment are Maija Loukari & Sanna Annukka.
I find Maija's work overwhelmingly fantastic, everything about it appeals to me! I love her use of colour, the naive nature of the textures & shapes... But mostly I love the lo-fi, almost random nature of her compositions, some seem at first (for lack of a better word) budget. But each line & colour block is perfectly executed & positioned. Her drawings are kind of like Kate Moss, effortlessly stylish. (I don't really think Kate Moss is all that, but I would still like to be so imperfectly cool.)

If you're not already impressed, get this- Maija is a designer for Marimekko, & she's only 25! I'm simultaneously jealous & inspired.

Sanna's work I love for it's clean lines & fantastic colour palettes. I admire it because I know I could never create it! I find colours one of the hardest parts of designing. Oh & she uses birds a lot in her pieces. Did I mention I like birds? I like birds.
What do these artists have in common? They are both Finnish!
I want to go to Finland!


Maija Loukari, Sanna Annukka, Sanna Annukka, Sanna Annukka, Maija Loukari, Maija Loukari.)

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Nearly over...

Sale time is nearly over, which means... you guessed it! New stuff! Yup, next week we will have lots of lovely new clothing & we have some great new jewellery on it's way too. Choice! In the mean time here are some sale time pics to get you in the mood ;)