Thursday, 27 March 2008

Loco for Gocco!

We've got lots of super great things to blog about this week, but I'm going to start with our new beautiful Gocco. It's the most fantastic piece of design ever, it really is.

Basically a Gocco is a miniature screen printing press, the whole process is done using one little (& cute!) machine, no chemicals are involved & you don't need much space or a light tight room.
I was amazed at how easy it is! I was preparing myself for the worst & reminding myself that practise makes perfect, but with the Gocco, you don't even need practise!
For more on Gocco read this, or search gocco on flickr.

We bought our gocco from A Little Goodness on Etsy. She was kind enough to create a custom listing for us & included some cute Japanese sweets & little paper bags in our package.
Thank you!

I tested it our for the first time today & I'm pretty thrilled with the results! I can't wait to Gocco everything... Wake me up before I Gocco!


lilysmakebelieve said...

wake me up before you gocco thats for sure!! I want to get my hands on one of these sweet sweet machines! :) P.S. Your gifts arrived hehe can't wait to post them to ya.

virginia said...

Oh! how excitement!! You would totally go loco for gocco, you'll have to come have a play sometime...