Monday, 31 March 2008

Craft 2.0

Well, this post is a little late, but better than never!
On Easter weekend I was super lucky (as a last minute addition) to be part of the craft 2.0 fair at the New Dowse. It was such a great day, our (& Liv's) jewellery did particularly well & it was so great to see so many other crafty folk (& know that they exist!)
There was so much stuff I wanted to buy & many more things that inspired me to get even more crafty. I bought a cute little slice of cake pin cushion for Liv who loses her needles. (Maybe she could post a picture on her fancy new blog? ;P ) The cake came from Sarah who had the table next to me with Nibbles.
I also purchased a beautiful peachy bag that resembles a bridesmaid's dress (in a good way) I've had a penchant for peachy & coral coloured things for a while now & couldn't resist this! I picked up a really cute mini crochet babushka from the same stall which I have just found on felt, the maker goes under the name of Shirley. I attached my little doll to a chain, she loves hanging out with me & looks so cute!
It turned out to be a really great day even though I was quite hungover & I'll definitely be signing up for the next Craft 2.0.


lilysmakebelieve said...

I shall post a picture of my lovely cake tomorrow! Tonight I must sleep. Love the doll necklace. How cute. Expect a package. :) and I haven't lots a needle yet!

lilysmakebelieve said...

that should say lost. obviously.