Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Friends not food

"There are some 800 million people in the world with barely enough to eat, yet 80% of the world’s agricultural land is used for feeding animals and only 20% for feeding humans directly. It takes approximately 80lbs of vegetable protein to produce 1lb of animal protein."

October 1st is world vegetarian day, celebrate with a vege feast! That's what we'll be doing, head to vegweb.com for recipes & inspiring photos. X

PS. The move is going well! I'll be posting some progress pictures soon.


Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts said...

It's settled then. Vege for dinner tonight! Yum yum! And too excited to see the photos of the move :)

Vegan and Vintage said...

I love that quote, It's great that it applies to veganism too. I like to save little quotes like this to tell my family, they do 'get' why I'm a vego, but they really can't comprehend the vegan stuff