Thursday, 2 October 2008

Ch ch ch changes

Howdy! So things are coming along steadily in our new shop. We still have loads to do but I think if we had a project manager they would be pleased with our progress.
When we got the keys we had a brief moment of panic; we were really lucky with our Brooklyn shop- the previous tenants had painted, layed concrete flooring & installed heat pumps (bliss). Our new shop is a little more scuzzy! (for lack of a better word!)

This is what we started with: (almost- some work has been done in these pictures- filling holes & sanding.)

We have a few minor issues to deal with, like this-

And this-

This is where we are up to now- we have an almost completed back wall, 2 beautifully stained changing rooms & a sanded, primed, & painted counter. It's coming together! But man do I have sore arms already!


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Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts said...

I nearly wee-d my pants when I saw this! Too exciting. The place looks fantastico! Can't wait to see it in the flesh.