Saturday, 4 October 2008

hey good looking

We've achieved a lot in the last few days, it may not look like it-

But the shop looks a million times better than it did when we got it! We still have to put up all the shelves & then there's the daunting task of the floors... ugh!

Here's a wee storyboard of our revamped look- the black & white design is our change room curtain fabric, brown is for the counter & change room structures & that aqua- well I'm sure you can see where it fits in! We bought some amazing second hand light shades in a pearly- amber colour (bottom left) but unfortunately we couldn't get fittings for them, but we managed to find some great substitutes & we are working on a way to make the others into lamps.

No home & away omnibus for me tomorrow, too much work to do! X


little ruby and the sea said...

hey gin... had a little wee peek in the shop window this weekend looks so good! and awesome location too! well done :)

Trees said...

Yah!! I can hardly wait till Swonderful is just across the road from me (well from my office) although...I'm not sure my bank balance will be looking so happy with it so close:P

Swonderful said...

oh pshaw! You're too kind Alex.
& Trees I'm sure your bank balance with forgive you :)

Vegan and Vintage said...

Thanks for the lovely words!

I love Melissa too! I have a pair of the black flats with the little peep toe designed by vivianne westwood and a little silver pair with removable bow clips.

I’m so jealous of your brogues. I tried on the black & white ones but they looked silly on me. I then bought a pair of synthetic ones by a brand called ‘I love billy’ on ebay. Only problem is when I got them in the mail they have a leather lining! Ggggrr!

Swonderful said...

oh, annoying! I have seen those I love billy ones & was annoyed myself! I have a pair of black Ezibuy ones that I love. (not sure if you have ezibuy in aus?) I really want the bow Melissa ones too & silver would be my first choice! I would love to have the brogues in other colours too. The green ones are really cool in a robin hood kinda way. X

Swonderful said...

oh you do have ezibuy! if you are a 5,9 or 10 you should totally snap them up!