Saturday, 18 October 2008

tiny dancer

Yesterday I wore a leotard. And I felt hot!! My boyfriend thought I was nuts when I got dressed in the morning- first with white tights then on with my navy leotard. Reow! (I did end up wearing a skirt too, as tempting as it was not to.) I know leotards and their nineties alter ego- the bodysuit are a little inconvenient at times, but these American Apparel numbers are totally worth the small inconvenience of having to undress to go to the bathroom. Honestly! They are hot! They look great under a high waisted skirt or jeans and when you take your jacket off to reveal the sexy low cut back your friends will be both turned on & jealous.
Here's our Penny all tarded up!

We have navy, black & grey marle leotards in store for $58.00.

Another great new product we have in our sparkling new store are Little Ladies tiles. Original paintings by a very talented lass named Anmea Hoskin are scanned then reproduced on ceramic tiles. Anmea is very very talented, her paintings are perfection. This is such a nice way to own a mini piece of art. Anmea works at our favorite tea shop Martha's Pantry, so say hi next time you pop in for a cup of chamomile & Cinnamon. (Highly recommended!) X


Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts said...

oh that big tile picture is my favourite. what a delight! and go the leotard outfit- but! no bra? I dunno if I could do it! I hate pointy no bra boobies. My ones anyway hehe.

Ginny said...

Oh I just realised I wrote over high waisted skirts not under... duh, that would NOT be hot! Better change that!
So you could get into other peoples pointy no bra boobies? hehe!
You'd have no probs cos they are totally tight enough that they hold every thing in nicely- like a trainer bra!