Thursday, 23 October 2008

Stay Golden

Thanks so much for all the crabbie love!! I like Amber's befitting tittle of Kool Krab. Kool Krab it is! Me & Mum were discussing it today & we feel there is a definite lack of anchors on the new design however. So I will be trying to work an anchor in there somewhere before it goes to print. Everything would be better with more anchors though really (Says the nautical mad sailor girl.)

I got some shoes in the mail today that I won on trademe. They are red corduroy & super fabulous! I can't quite decide if they are meant to be slippers? Or they might just be samples- as the sole is kind of unfinished (I'd better watch out for slippery surfaces, how embarrassment!) Regardless, they are awesome & have a witchy vibe- in the best possible way! I can't wait to pick my outfit tomorrow based around these red beauts.

Also on trademe... I've had my eye on this amazing owl calender all week, but it seems some other folk have too as the price today has shot up to $63! I'm not about to fork out that much, as hoot-tastic as it is. Next time round maybe. X


lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

i love! that owl calendar gin! but I too am not in a position to purchase it unfortunately. go owlies. some coming your way asap. Can't wait to see the diamond sea stuff. Our stall is going to be completely packed.

the design alphabet said...

I've had that owl calendar on my watch list too!!! but it is now WAY out of my price range and is currently sitting at $89!!

Can't wait to visit your new store : )

hope all is good!

Julia said...

Those shoes look swell, gin. They look like something the witch from the cherry tree story would wear. hope you're good! Love patchoulie