Thursday, 18 December 2008


The Tawa awards are tonight! We're looking forward to getting dolled up & downing a few cocktails! And of course we're excited to see if we're are officially the best clothing retailer in Wellington. As Murray would say- Imagine that!

We feel pretty lucky to be in the company of some great stores-
Ziggurat, Madame Fancy Pants and Mandatory & we'll be happy whoever wins, what an honour!

Meanwhile- here are some more snaps of our lovely wares:


Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

Well sweets, no matter what, you are winners in my book! :)

But come on...the suspense is killing me...who won??

Miss Deb

James Guthrie said...

bad luck on not taking home the prize! 'twas nice to see you there though. hope you had a good time.


Ginny said...

Thanks! It was a great night.
Deb- the lovely Ziggurat won & well deserved too. :) Got your cookie press yet?

ayleen said...

what are those books about "the little book of " thats all I can really see the paper looks beautiful

Swonderful said...

The little books Say "Little Book of... make your own story" They have one lined then one blank page so you can draw pictures too! So cute.