Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Yay for Yen!

We got featured on Yenmag.net again! Yay! Thanks very much to Katie for blogging about us! Oh & the reference to Zooey... :) giggle! x


lilysmakebelieve said...

wicardo gin! go go yen mag. I bought some super fabric yesterday that I think you would love! It has guns and lasso's on it. Haven't made it to the trims shop but will asap. I can't wait.

Ju said...

Hi guys,
just want to say I am Soooooooo glad I found you!! Busy on the google search this afternoon after a funky girl in Queenstown told me about your store. Have added you to my NZ/Aussie blog roll. Look forward to seeing more of your goodies!

Swonderful said...

Thanks Julia, your blog is lovely!
Hopefully some of our goodies will be available in Queenstown soon. :)