Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sunday Funday


Hello! I have had a delightful weekend so far, dog sitting & watching every episode of Conchords. Today has been a typical lazy Sunday, drinking chai tea with vanilla soy milk, reading Nylon (I had hoped for Frankie, but I can't find anywhere local that sells it! help!) & listening to the Fiest. Oh & of course, trawling the web & reading some of my fav bogs. (did I say reading? I meant looking at the pictures.)

Nylon surprised me with a feature on Alyson Fox, I've been a fan of her work for a wee while after discovering her on a blog somewhere. Her drawings are just lovely, I really like the unfinished look to them, they remind me a lot of some of my work which I am thinking of revisiting.... (see the second image)



Ms Fox also makes lovely clothing & her website has such pretty photographs & wee videos of the pieces in (staged) everyday environments. I'm all about beauty in banality, so they really appeal to me. There are small delightful details to watch out for too, like uneven socks & the vintage-y prints on the walls. All the clothing is made from natural & sustainable materials, even down to the zips (no zips! they are made from nylon) & buttons- made from fallen twigs. No kidding. Alyson Fox is very talented & I admire her commitment.


This is going to be a bit of a long post, but I just feel like I need to share! While perusing Modish I came across these delightful prints by Wolfie & the Sneak (cute!) They remind me a bit of Jill Bliss' work (which is great also) I love the colours, the awkwardness of the compositions & of course this statement- "each piece represents a saturated beauty and an attempt to compensate for the mundane." :)


Also! I just discovered Chronicle books, where have I been? this is the best online book store by a mile! Check out my wishlist. (Great invention btw, especially if your boyfriend is lazy.)

I am going to be experimenting with the gocco some more tomorrow, so keep an eye out for some new gocco goodness in the shop.


tash* said...

Frankie - ahh, how i love thee! You can pick it up at: Borders, Magnetix, Good As Gold, Real Groovy and some other small mag/dairies like the one at the train station end of Lambton Quay. Though you do have to be quick - Magnetix and Borders' piles disappear quick-fast!

Love the blog btw, will have to come visit the shop sometime soon!

Swonderful said...

Thanks Tash! I picked up a copy from Groovy. Think it's time to get another subscription! :)