Monday, 14 April 2008

Better than bad, it's good!

While taking photos of my wares tonight I have been entertained with the lovely sounds of Steely Dan; Puerto Rican jazz style (much like the soundtrack to Broken Flowers) it's been rather nice, except for the random stopping, starting & cussing. (You other band wives know what I'm talking about).

So this is the fruit of my blessed gocco! Yeah! I don't really want to talk about it but, in this last run I have had 2 bad experiences with the goc. Firstly I had one screen not expose fully, which is pretty annoying because each exposure uses 2 bulbs & you can't re-use a screen & secondly the happy stump print came out a bit patchy on some of the scarves, even when I inked it up more. But I actually kinda like it. You can see it above.
Still, don't get me wrong, I love this machine!

So here we have 2 styles of scarves, happy stump & ode to owl, both printed on very fine knit 100% cotton. Happy stump wooden postcards (yup, I printed on wood, it looks great!) & cards & more owlie goodness on coasters. These still need to be lacquered but everything else is available in store now.

In other good news I am coming up to Auckland on Thursday, so everyone do their sun dances!


lilysmakebelieve said...

yay yay and yay. everything looks awesome. Could you bring me up a acorn scarf? I love! and will try convince my mummy to buy it for me cause I'm broked. :( GO GOCCO GO. And the remington made the photoshoot. Great!

Swonderful said...

Sure thing love!
Mr. Remmington Holiday will be modeling for us a fair bit I'm pretty sure! He loves it. x