Friday, 11 April 2008

The illustrated life

Well I'm feeling pretty lack-lustre right now, I've got a sore throat & am feeling sorry for myself. Hence the Friday night blogging. I had to share this great blog of amazing illustrators. Pikaland! (Pika pika?!) If you're feeling in need of inspiration this is the place to look, even the ads are great & worth clicking! There are so many great artists on here it's actually a little overwhelming, I think this blog is best viewed in moderation.

Somehow in between the acheyness & lethargy I managed to do some new designs for cards, wooden postcards, scarves & coasters & I went a little loco with the gocco again. I will post pics soon, promise.



lilysmakebelieve said...

my goodness gin! Great find! I want to read all of the posts. Need to find a good hour or two. I'm off to hammy in a couple of hours! Wrote down all the places you said. Choice.

Anonymous said...

I second that, what a fab find. Even just the first page - the cover of the deathly spirits book, that tote bag, the cori d buggy reader illustration! Will have to bookmark that one for future trawling.

Go the gocco!

Paper Cut said...

I thought I'd introduce myself, I'm Auntie peach's flat mate, Aimee. I've been quite enjoying your blog, I'm particularly fascinated with your new gocco! I'm hoping I can ask you a pile of questions about it sometime :)

Amy said...

Hi Ginny, thanks so much for the lovely shout out on your blog! :)
And now that you've mentioned it, There seem to be a lot of pictures on my blog (even if they are lovely to look at!) -- I'll try to think of a solution to that one! ;D

Thanks again for dropping by!