Wednesday, 16 April 2008

oui oui!

I finally, finally got round to doing a new shop window today, motivated by some promo we've got lined up that requires a decent picture. It's simple but effective! I was inspired by Liv's lovely french scrabble necklaces we have in store (only 2 left!) & these great new neckerchiefs that Stacey of Devol clothing brought in today, you can see my favourite one on Minnie the mannequin below, teamed with a beautiful shirt dress from Flox. (I want this dress badly for myself too).

Also in other big news, the team here at Swonderful (me & my Mum) have decided it's 100% official and true that Hedgehogs are cuter than bunnies. There's no denying it.

(pictures from See you when I get back from Auckland! x


lilysmakebelieve said...

oh hedgehogs.. my absolute favourite of all creatures on earth. I have many times contemplated putting up save the squashed hogs posters in my area cause so many get squished and they aren't hurting nobody. Just helping out in the garden. See you Friday!! P.S. Window looks fab!

Swonderful said...

Save the hogs! People do have them as pets you know... Lots it seems! - According to cuteoverload :)

Anonymous said...

Love the window display!
& the ode to owl scarves from your last post are magic.
& I can sympathize, I've had the worst gocco luck this week, once with a non-flashing bulb, then tried again and the edges didn't expose. Too scared to try again because I don't know what it's problem is!
Have Auckland fun, it's not the sunniest but it's not too cold, so there's always a bright side!