Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Friendship Update

I always have trouble coming up with blog post titles, they always seem to be cheesy or geeky, so from now on I have decided to use song names. If you know the songs it means we are kindred souls! & if you don't then get googling! Or not, no pressure.

Mothers day is on the 11th of May, that's in 11 days! So I have compiled a wee list of our top Swonderful picks...

1. Panda salt & pepper set $39.00
2. Handmade earrings $60.00
3. Rachel Carley plates $28.00
4. Pop ink card set $28.00
5. Vintage lace necklace $35.00
6. Be Free t-shirt $48.00
7. Brooke Bobridge print $160.00
8. Devol clutch purse $55.00

Don't forget your roots! Be good to your Mum!


lilysmakebelieve said...

Gosh, mothers day! need to get onto that. Love the black earrings and the plates the most. Thank you for the reminder swonderfuls. ps. just bought a film cutter for the camera :) yay

Swonderful said...

Nice picks! The earrings are Amber's creation! Can't wait to see your viewmastery goodness! x