Friday, 2 May 2008

Only in Dreams

Mum's are the best. Remember car trips when you were a kid? And how after you'd finished your fruju (or maybe a blurple iceblock, if you were lucky) you'd just hand the wrapper & stick to your Mum. What is she supposed to do with it? Does she have a portable garbage disposal unit? No. She just clutches it, for the rest of the ride. Just so you don't have to.

That's why Mum is choice & why you should purchase anything in store (even a sante bar for $1.00!) to go in the draw to win our Mothers day gift basket valued at $150.00. She'll love you for it!

Also I have to share some lovely pictures of these super cute babushka necklaces made for us by the talented Amy. We have quite the selection available in store now, Now you can pick the perfect little friend who'll listen to all your worries & keep you company whenever you need her. x


Julia said...

God. Blog surfing is so addictive. I went through some of the people that you mentioned on your site and got so lost. Studio Home Creative is like mecca. Does she do that full time because that blog is phantasmagorical! I am new to the whole blog thing but I mean….COME ON how cool is school! Sorry I have to have a bit of a rant! There was a mention of this guy who sells experiences to fund his uni course and I want to purchase him kissing a moon tree like fat kids love cake!

I had a look on cinnamonswan’s site and realized that that card I bought the other day for my moms at the safe shop was one of their designs. How coolio!
Ahhh…and Lydia Bradbury’s illustrations are such a treat. I like her coloury ones. They’re fab. And then the other links that she has are stellar. Who knew that the design of a website and the coolness of how the website itself performs impacts on how much you like the illustrations. I can’t believe there is such a big world out there of fabulous illustrations. I have to set aside some time soon to explore Pikaland.
Who was it that does the owls? Is it Olivia? I need to come to welly…Dammit. To Wellington I will come!

Also, what is the online site for buying craft? Wait..i think I found it. Going off to Jimeon tonight to hopefully pee my pants with laughter! I like paid for laughter!

Oh and by the way...great song choice!

Swonderful said...

Word sister. Blogs are very addictive! We waste a lot of time in blogland. I beleive you were looking for, did ya find it? We're doing alright with ours :)

I knew you would approve of my song choice!

It is Liv that is Owl lady her blog is lily'smakebelieve. Craftwerk is tomorrow! you should head out, it's in pakuranga but there is a free bus!
You'll have to Joogle it for more infos.

Have fun laughing your ass off! Nick and Leah are in the country & headed our way, so that'll be fun!


lilysmakebelieve said...

haha I love how I am referred to as the owl lady, like those bird ladies that let pigeons sit all over them eating and pooing. I love the necklaces! xx

virginia said...

hehe! yup, that'll totally be you in a few years. Just like the cat lady in the simpsons x

Paper Cut said...

Hello again, sorry for my late reply, I have no excuse really, just a tendency to overcommit myself when I get on the computer!

I'm realling enjoying the blog, I spotted you have some similar favourites, most notably Meet me a Mikes! Great store!

My belated questions about Gocco: What size is the artwork max? And, do you think it can handle opaque inks or just it's own kind? thanks in advance for your help :) Looking forward to more posts.