Monday, 26 May 2008

Victoria, what do you see in him?

In order to get to know some of our very talented suppliers a bit better I have arranged a wee interview with the very clever Amy, who is the woman behind the Victoria n' bird label. Her beautiful handmade clothing & other treasures can be found instore & we've got more on it's way!

How did V n B start?
Basically I had just finished design school and had been missing having time to sew while studying so I just started creating. Everything seemed to just fall into place with all the creative/business knowledge I had gained from design school. So Victoria n' Bird started from a need to keep doing creative work and wanting to sew sew sew!

Where does the name Victoria n' bird come from?
I was after a whimsical name that wasn't full of meaning. My dressmakers dummy is named Victoria, so the name stemmed from there.

What are your goals as a label/ where would you like to see V n B in 5 years time?
I have no fixed plans but hope to keep Victoria n' Bird progressing/changing over time to keep it fresh and interesting and to challenge myself both business wise and with the products I make. I have a website in the planning stages to help remove myself from trademe (and it's fees!).

How important is it to you to keep your clothing handmade?
It's super important at this stage as I think it is the essence of what VnB is all about. It also helps determine VnB as a business in the larger scheme of things - as a cottage business with quality handmade garments.
The downside of the handmade is the extra effort and time, and I am more invested in each garment - but I guess they are also upsides!
To pull an idea out of my head, make it from scratch and sell it is also still a great feeling.

Where do you find inspiration?
Most of my inspiration comes from seeing other people and businesses doing amazing work and growing their businesses in 'non-conventional' ways.
The internet is fabulous for this, specifically etsy and craftster, I love Frankie and Russh magazines and am also constantly flicking through other magazines and books around town.
Besides the odd attack of cabin fever I also love working from home, having all my things around me - from the messy piles of drawings, artwork I love, to my huge collection of magazines.

What sort of person wears your designs?
I think she's the 'every girl/woman'. I've sold items to people from major cities to small town New Zealand, from Switzerland to New York, items ranging from $5-$200 and from hoodies to work skirts.

What designers/ artists/ musicians speak to your soul?
From uni I have a bunch of artists/photographers who I discovered that I still love for so many different reasons....
Sarah Moon, Paolo Roversi, Vanessa Beecroft, Deborah Turbeville, Tim Walker, Claire Coles and Deborah Paauwe.
Fashion design wise I love Princess Tina and Mike & Chris.
One day my closet and walls will be filled with such magic!

Thanks Amy! x

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lilysmakebelieve said...

great idea gin! and so pretty too. your a genius- hope you are having a swonderful week