Thursday, 8 May 2008

Say Something New

We have just set up a Swonderful & Papercup facebook group! So if you like us & you do the facebook thing (it's evil & you should actually avoid it if you can, but if you're addicted like me, it won't hurt) then join our group! Click here to go to our group! (you will have to login).

Also, If your out & about & happen to see a copy of Threaded magazine, buy it! We're in it!

Adios! x


lilysmakebelieve said...

vunderful idea. :) love the dogs too- so cute.

Swonderful said...

I desperately need a puppy Liv, if you see any, send them down!

Julia said...

Ha ha he he. The concretes are o for o-some! I have left facebook at the bus stop and driven straight past his droopey mopey face. He's walking home.