Tuesday, 13 May 2008

the diamond sea

Hello people!

A lot of blogs I read have posts where they have been "tagged" by other bloggers, & they have to share 7 random things about themselves or something, I'm more of a visual lass, plus I'm sure you don't really care that I like the taste of metal. So I decided to make my own, here is my top five! It's just five things I'm really digging at the moment. I used to do this with my friend Jeff when he moved to Sydney, to keep in touch (with each other & the world) So to keep it going I'm passing the top five on to Liv! There are no rules just tell us your top five in any way you like.

My top Five...
1. Feist- She is so so great, you might recognise her song 1,2,3,4 from the ipod nano ad. It has a great video too!
2. Cupcakes- making & eating them! this picture is not mine but a beaut none the less. I know there is a bit of a cupcake phenomenon worldwide at the moment, but it's because they're so great!
You can find the best & easiest (& vegan too) recipe here. (I know it's for cake, but it's completely versatile, you can sub cocoa for anything else too- banana & choc chip is fab.)
3. Style Bytes- a great Norwegian style blog, I love that Agathe dresses up as a 1950's housewife to make pancakes. But what I love more is her pet pig! Molvin. Aaaaaw!
4. Flickr- we just recently purchased a pro account. I know, I never thought I would but I see the necessity now! This great picture is of Moran, Artist Camilla Engman's wee fella.
5. Princess Tina- What's not to love about PT? I was very excited & impressed when I found out my boyfriend's brother's girlfriend (kind of like my sister in-law) was working with Beci Orpin. Even more exciting is the lovely PT gifts she has bestowed upon me! I have a beautiful new bag & the cutest spotty cord skirt thanks to these delightful ladies. x


carina said...

yeah - that song is ace! love it too...

lilysmakebelieve said...

hello lovely ginny-
just popped up my top 5- the pictures a bit teeny but oh well. Have passed it on to Auntie Peach as I don't know many out there in blog land. hope you like.
have a super day- the sun is shining here. Welly?