Tuesday, 11 November 2008

What a corker!

If you're in or around Melbourne, you'd be a fool to miss the happenings at Corker gallery right now. Lovely lady Leah Bartholomew is having her very own exhibition- Where the Dry Leaves Fall. Leah is a talented designer, painter & potato printer & also assistant to Beci Orpin of Princess Tina. She also played a crucial roll in the opening of our new shop, by buying our curtain fabric & sending it over to us all the way from Melbourne! Thanks so much Leah & you know we looooove your work. Watch out for more amazing stuff from this extremely talented lass. X
(Leah bartholomew for Princess Tina)


Sarah McNeil said...

Oh yeah, I saw that exhibition, and that print with the feathers was my favourite.

There was free juice at the opening also. Really good juice, with things like guava in it.

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

my fav is the second image. too nice for words. :) I hoping to ride my bike to work tomorrow so must duck off to bed as I have to get up much earlier to give my slow legs enough time. Thanks for your cheering today ginny xx