Thursday, 6 November 2008


Congrats Obama & congrats to the U S of A. Well done y'all!
It looks like...

(painting by Jen Renninger)

I might even have to do a red, white & blue window to celebrate!
I hope everything goes as swimmingly with our own election.

Also- We have back in stock the swing skirt in blue floral, but only two! This is the last of it :( So get in quick folks!


Jen said...

Look at that!!

You used one of my pics to celebrate the best thing to happen to our country in recent memory - or perhaps the last 5 decades!!

You just made my day...

Whoo Hoo!!

ps- you have such adorable things on your blog.. I just love it

Swonderful said...

Yay Jen, thanks so much & it was my pleasure! I've had the pic on my desktop all week to remind me, so thank you! X