Wednesday, 16 July 2008

sky blue sky

So sorry for the blog slackness! We've been beavering away in preparation for our evening last week (which was just lovely by the way & thanks so much to everyone who came!) & for Craft 2.0 which is this Saturday. It's going to be so much fun, We've got lots of great things up our sleeves & I'm really looking forward to NOT being hung over this time. (More to come on the craftyness soon!)

I've been trying to organize some good weather for the weekend but it's not looking good so far, today is super grey & cold & I can tell the clouds could burst at any minute... But winter ain't all bad! Check out this photo found via Apartment Therapy by Artist Sam Spenser as part of this show. Winter has it's ups! I'm thinking layering- don't you love being able to wear lots of clothes? Gumboots, what not to love about gumboots? I have cowboy boot ones & they are just super! Umbrellas, beautiful bright umbrellas, although not very practical in windy wellington I am totally in the market for a beautiful umbrella I've got my eye on these two from Fred flare...

Right now I am listening to Band of Horses, their beach boys-esq sound is the perfect combat to the greyness outside. They are playing at the end of the month but in Auckland only & I don't think I'll be able to make it. Ah well, I've got my cowboy (gum) boots & my layers, I think I'll survive. x


auntiepeachvintage said...

YAY Band of Horses! And that umbrella pic is awesome!

lilysmakebelieve said...

Oh! I want the sailor umbrella too. What a stunner! But fredflare aren't doing international postage anymore are they? Tear.

Swonderful said...

Oh I didn't know that, but I do know their international postage prices were/ are ridiculous! I'd be better off going to NY to get it myself.

& Peach I suppose you'll be going to BOH? Damn you!

auntiepeachvintage said...

I think I will be heading along yes, although it's totally cash-dependent. I've just been invited along to Mark Kozelek as well, and one of my super expensive knee-pads has just fallen to bits... right before derby season starts, ALL RIGHT!!

Oh and by the way, I love love love my pocket protector shirt, it is so grand :)

Anonymous said...

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