Friday, 18 July 2008

Crafters of the world...

Craft 2.0 is tomorrow! As promised here is some insight into the craftyness that has been taking over round here.
I went gocco mad at the begininng of the week, printing more business cards, greeting cards & some cute papercup swing tags. Man I love that little machine!

We've also got a whole swag of cute purses, one for you, one for your Mum & one for the dog!
We've got mushrooms, little story book scenes, vintage fabrics & goccoed ones too.

I've also been beavering away making necklaces, I just got some very, very cute charms- like the teacup! it even has a wee teabag hanging out of it! Must go put the finishing touches on my cards. See you tomorrow at Craft 2.0! x


Paper Cut said...

It all looks amazing!

knitsch said...

I am so jealous of your gocco!