Thursday, 14 August 2008

The more I see you...

A while back Liv posted about the lack of lovely handmade clothing on Etsy. I tended to agree with her until I found Vain & Vapid. Sure there's lots of clothing on Etsy, but we want pretty & well made with quality fabrics & (dare I say it!) light on the hippiness please!

Vain & Vapid is just lovely... I never thought I'd wear a jumpsuit until I saw the TVOD in Navy (below).

The Cecilia Lisbon dress is exactly what I would love to be wearing all day everyday. It's just perfect. (And what a befitting namesake.) Sigh.

They have a super blog too!

Some of our other talented etsy faves include Victoria n' bird, Wiksten & Timber! tees. Let us know who you dig! We don't discriminate, we just haven't found them yet!

I hope craftwerk Auckland was a success tonight for all those involved, can't wait to hear all about it! X


lilysmakebelieve said...

Oh! Love at first site! I love the Cecilia Lisbon Dress too- perfect for a summers day at Pakiri. :)
And thank you for the Craftwerk luck. It went amazingly well! Was the busiest I've ever see the arcade!
Hope welly is well. xx

Amber :: CFS said...

Oh I wish that jumpsuit was still for sale, I'd buy it in a second - I'm a total sucker for them!

Swonderful said...

You could totally request a custom one. I'm thinking we might need to design a jumpsuit for summer now...