Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Hello Sailor

Are you embracing the high waist trend with vigour like I am? I swear once you go up, you never go down! I have accumulated enough skirts & the perfect pair of high waisted jeans so that going low is rare these days. When I do put my old low rise jeans on I feel frumpy & muffin top-ish. everything seems to be in all the wrong places. I love how high waisted garments (or should I say garments that sit on your waist) hold everything in just right :)

My only dilemma is finding underwear to match. VPL is not classy! And unfortunately underwear designers have not caught up.
e were delighted to discover that Stacey of Devol clothing is on to it, at her etsy shop you can custom order the perfect pair of cute pin up panties. Excellent! I love the stripey number, I'm all over everything nautical right now, which I'm sure you'll see in my designs. (Coming...)

More super cute (but low) knickers can be found at Lou Lou Loves you. X


lilysmakebelieve said...

new designs! I can hardly wait. xx

Deadlyjelly said...

I'm stuck in a hipster time-warp (at least give me credit for kicking the thong), but I would almost give them up for these knickers