Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Our darling Shelby

Our beautiful, sweet, feisty, tiny, weird cat Shelby (actually Michelle- our other cat is Romy) was killed tragically on the 3rd at around 10:30 pm, the day after we got home from our trip.
We are both so extremely sad & annoyed. She was hit by a car on Cleveland street, pretty much outside the shop, we are trying to remain positive & not let this affect how we feel about living here, but it's difficult, the physicality of her death seems to be lingering everywhere.

She was a creature of habit, there were so many little things that she did that we are missing so much, every time we pulled into the driveway she would jump onto the bonnet of the car & meow hello & then try to get in the car. She played fetch too! She is the only cat I've met who loved to play ball! We never taught her, she taught us- we had a small bouncy ball that we would throw & she would race after it & bring it back in her mouth.

I had been thinking about the possibility of her being hit by a car as she was also very naughty, she would do things just because she knew she wasn't supposed to, like try to follow me to uni, I was late a lot because of her!

Lately she was trying to be the shop cat & would come up the drive way & in the front door of the shop, if we put her out the back she would just walk around again & again & gain. She especially loved it when people were in the changing room & she could perve under the curtain.

Shelby was nearly 6 years old, rescued from the SPCA in Hamilton she travelled with me from there to Auckland & then to Wellington. We both had imagined her as an old girl with our kids, I guess Romy will be doing that job on her own.

xxx Shelby, we miss you so much!

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