Monday, 6 September 2010

Thug Life

A while back our beautiful mural was painted over, we don't know by whom, or why! We were sad to see it go, but now we've pretty darn pleased with it's replacement! The new addition took 3 lads just 4 or so hours, to design & paint. Very impressive. They even matched the colours to the lovely little houses installed in our side window. Clever chaps! Yes that is a small Japanese band playing on the street there. They dig the new wall too.


Kate said...

Beautiful!! I too was sad to see the last one go but this is amaze. Love love love it. :) My last visit I noticed the houses are coming apart a little, I can come in and tidy it up when I'm back from my holiday if you like.

Swonderful said...

It's great isn't it?!
I tidied them up a bit yesterday, they're looking good again now :)
Hope your having a grand time on your travels xxx

Nikki Elisabeth said...

Love the new painting! Awesome!

And by the way, I LOVE my new skirt... possibly almost more than I love anything else. Oh, and I am now totally going to become a Westie. A Westie with a rad skirt. Yesssssss.

Swonderful said...

Great!! So glad you love it :)
You're a westie in my eyes already. It's your destiny!