Wednesday, 11 June 2008

girl inform me

Hello Hello, I thought I would share some images that inspire me today & give you a wee peek at some bits I'm working on...

We've got this image on our desktop right now, it makes me feel so happy... I found it on flickr, I can't remember when or where dammit, but ain't it grand?

I spent last night drawing hairy faces of my own to make into badges- here's the winning couple!

Work hard & be nice to people... Just do what it says & everything will be fine. Found via ffffound!

Lovely folky prettyness which is very Princess Tina-esq (speaking of PT, watch this space!) via ffffound also.

& if you haven't already, get yourself a copy of the beautiful Wellington mag World Sweet World & marvel at the lovely, crafty cleverness! (not to mention our very own label papercup & the super talented Liv, whose wee owls & hotties are featured!)

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