Sunday, 24 February 2008


Check out Amanda Billing - aka Dr. Sarah Potts from Shorty street wearing our very own Swellington tee!
She wore it to perform with the infamous Wellington Ukulele Orchestra for Te Papa's tenth birthday celebration last weekend. We're so proud!


We have just started our first ever sale & it's going superbly so far!
All tees are down to $33.00! Dresses from $56.00.
So come in for a bargain before they're all gone.

We can't wait for all the pretty new winter stuff that's materialising in the work room to hit the racks... x

Friday, 15 February 2008


The infamous Craftwerk is on tomorrow in Auckland as part of the very exciting Cross st Carnival, they are closing off the street for stalls, bands & general carnival-ish-ness! It should be a fantastic day & I'm pretty disapointed I can't be there, but I'm also super excited that my wonderful friend Olivia (
Lily Rosemary & the Jack of Hearts) is running a stall on behalf of both of us. YAY! It's gonna be a fab day, with some great bands playing to- including my cousin in The Vietnam War. Super! So if you're in Auckland you haaaave to go. x