Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Friendship Update

I always have trouble coming up with blog post titles, they always seem to be cheesy or geeky, so from now on I have decided to use song names. If you know the songs it means we are kindred souls! & if you don't then get googling! Or not, no pressure.

Mothers day is on the 11th of May, that's in 11 days! So I have compiled a wee list of our top Swonderful picks...

1. Panda salt & pepper set $39.00
2. Handmade earrings $60.00
3. Rachel Carley plates $28.00
4. Pop ink card set $28.00
5. Vintage lace necklace $35.00
6. Be Free t-shirt $48.00
7. Brooke Bobridge print $160.00
8. Devol clutch purse $55.00

Don't forget your roots! Be good to your Mum!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Highs & Lows

I had a great time in Auckland, but I'm super glad to be back. We had a heaps of fun at the Sommerset reunion show, if you're a fan check out this video, that's my geeky young boyfriend doing a thumbs up at 1:44 mins! & I found a great new gem- Fabric & Pretty Things (by Trelise Cooper)
I know what you're thinking & I have to say I'm not a fan of her work, but this shop is great!! It sells trims, buttons, all sorts of haberdashery & of course fabric! It's very nicely merchandised and even though it is essentially a house, it doesn't feel awkward at all. Also there is a whole wall of draw shelves - just like World Sweet Worlds wee project (below). Fabric & Pretty things is located at 479 Parnell Road, across the road and up a bit from her other shop.

On a different note a great food spot that used to be our regular is Zap 2. Freshest & cheapest Thai food in Auckland, there's no denying it. 639 Dominion Road Balmoral. I have yet to find Thai this good in Welly, suggestions please!

I'm just starting to get back in the swing of things here & am about to go print up some more scarves, but I'm really feeling in a bit of a musical rut. There is only so many times one can listen to the Shins! Searching through YouTube now I have come across the Concretes, where have I been? I feel like I'm so behind the times, I always seem to discover bands long after they're cool or just after they've toured here. I really love this video & they're Swedish- anything Scandinavian is automatically cool. Also have a look at this great clip from
The concretes singer Victoria Bergsman's solo project Taken by Trees.

Aaaaand, have a look at these great blogs that featured us! Studio Home Creative & Etsy Love.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Yay for Yen!

We got featured on again! Yay! Thanks very much to Katie for blogging about us! Oh & the reference to Zooey... :) giggle! x

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

oui oui!

I finally, finally got round to doing a new shop window today, motivated by some promo we've got lined up that requires a decent picture. It's simple but effective! I was inspired by Liv's lovely french scrabble necklaces we have in store (only 2 left!) & these great new neckerchiefs that Stacey of Devol clothing brought in today, you can see my favourite one on Minnie the mannequin below, teamed with a beautiful shirt dress from Flox. (I want this dress badly for myself too).

Also in other big news, the team here at Swonderful (me & my Mum) have decided it's 100% official and true that Hedgehogs are cuter than bunnies. There's no denying it.

(pictures from See you when I get back from Auckland! x

Monday, 14 April 2008

Better than bad, it's good!

While taking photos of my wares tonight I have been entertained with the lovely sounds of Steely Dan; Puerto Rican jazz style (much like the soundtrack to Broken Flowers) it's been rather nice, except for the random stopping, starting & cussing. (You other band wives know what I'm talking about).

So this is the fruit of my blessed gocco! Yeah! I don't really want to talk about it but, in this last run I have had 2 bad experiences with the goc. Firstly I had one screen not expose fully, which is pretty annoying because each exposure uses 2 bulbs & you can't re-use a screen & secondly the happy stump print came out a bit patchy on some of the scarves, even when I inked it up more. But I actually kinda like it. You can see it above.
Still, don't get me wrong, I love this machine!

So here we have 2 styles of scarves, happy stump & ode to owl, both printed on very fine knit 100% cotton. Happy stump wooden postcards (yup, I printed on wood, it looks great!) & cards & more owlie goodness on coasters. These still need to be lacquered but everything else is available in store now.

In other good news I am coming up to Auckland on Thursday, so everyone do their sun dances!

Friday, 11 April 2008

The illustrated life

Well I'm feeling pretty lack-lustre right now, I've got a sore throat & am feeling sorry for myself. Hence the Friday night blogging. I had to share this great blog of amazing illustrators. Pikaland! (Pika pika?!) If you're feeling in need of inspiration this is the place to look, even the ads are great & worth clicking! There are so many great artists on here it's actually a little overwhelming, I think this blog is best viewed in moderation.

Somehow in between the acheyness & lethargy I managed to do some new designs for cards, wooden postcards, scarves & coasters & I went a little loco with the gocco again. I will post pics soon, promise.


Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sunday Funday


Hello! I have had a delightful weekend so far, dog sitting & watching every episode of Conchords. Today has been a typical lazy Sunday, drinking chai tea with vanilla soy milk, reading Nylon (I had hoped for Frankie, but I can't find anywhere local that sells it! help!) & listening to the Fiest. Oh & of course, trawling the web & reading some of my fav bogs. (did I say reading? I meant looking at the pictures.)

Nylon surprised me with a feature on Alyson Fox, I've been a fan of her work for a wee while after discovering her on a blog somewhere. Her drawings are just lovely, I really like the unfinished look to them, they remind me a lot of some of my work which I am thinking of revisiting.... (see the second image)



Ms Fox also makes lovely clothing & her website has such pretty photographs & wee videos of the pieces in (staged) everyday environments. I'm all about beauty in banality, so they really appeal to me. There are small delightful details to watch out for too, like uneven socks & the vintage-y prints on the walls. All the clothing is made from natural & sustainable materials, even down to the zips (no zips! they are made from nylon) & buttons- made from fallen twigs. No kidding. Alyson Fox is very talented & I admire her commitment.


This is going to be a bit of a long post, but I just feel like I need to share! While perusing Modish I came across these delightful prints by Wolfie & the Sneak (cute!) They remind me a bit of Jill Bliss' work (which is great also) I love the colours, the awkwardness of the compositions & of course this statement- "each piece represents a saturated beauty and an attempt to compensate for the mundane." :)


Also! I just discovered Chronicle books, where have I been? this is the best online book store by a mile! Check out my wishlist. (Great invention btw, especially if your boyfriend is lazy.)

I am going to be experimenting with the gocco some more tomorrow, so keep an eye out for some new gocco goodness in the shop.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Etsy bo betsy

I put a bunch of our new tops up on etsy yesterday so you overseas folks can have a look & buy from there or give us a call/ email. There is also a bunch of pics on our flickr page too, have a looksie & let us know what you think! x

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Swonderful lovelyness

We got the most marvellous package today! Lovely Liv has sent us some treasures that we had favourited on Etsy because we made her a frock to wear for her graduation. Thanks so much Liv! They are amazing! It's so cool to see such delights in the flesh & just makes me want to shop on Etsy so much more! The faux log (We heart faux!) is by My Imaginary Boyfriend, it came with the best packaging! The crochet Clementine is by Eternal Sunshine. It is so cute! I have arranged both next to my desk so I can absorb some creative goodness from them. Also in this package of joy were these cute little owl salt & pepper shakers, I collect s & p shakers & these are the perfect addition to my set! Twoot!!
On another note, we purchased our first album off Itunes today too & I recommend it, (buying off Itunes & the album!) I thought it might be dissatisfying not having the actual physical object to hold in my hot little hands, which might have been the case if the album wasn't so great or if we didn't listen to all our music through the mac.
Anyways go and get yourselves She & Him - Volume One. She & Him is M. Ward & Zooey Deshanel. Zooey is one of those rare celebrities who is actually cool! & she can sing! Aaaand she has great style, this photo makes me wish I had curly hair.